Groovers outside the Colonial. LP 009

Groovers outside the Colonial. LP 009

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Young guys hanging out in front of the Wild Colonial Club. 1968. Price quoted @ A4.

It's our belief that our posters and photo graphics can look stunning when properly mounted and framed. When properly displayed, our posters and photos will add to your decor and enhance your life style. Although we do stock a small number of linen-backed posters, we always advise our customers that the best way to protect these posters (and your investment) is to have the posters professionally linen backed. This lessens the chances of damaging your poster, makes them easier to handle and mount, and will not damage the integrity of the poster.

Avoid creasing your posters. Always store them flat and if possible in archival sleeves. It's virtually impossible to protect a poster from the ravages of time, but there are a few simple rules that will increase your poster's longevity and prevent it from undue fading. Talk to your framer about using UV resistant glass or perspex. This will slow any fading. In general glass will be more fragile and heavier, and for large format posters this can be an issue when hanging a poster. Perspex is considerably lighter than glass but more reflective and scratches easily.

Dont hang your posters in direct sunlight. All posters are subject to fading when hung, and if your poster is a lithograph, this is even more important. Lithographs fade!    

Choose your frame and mount board colours carefully. Take into account your favourite colours and the colour scheme of the room where the poster is to be hung. Remember that frame and mount board colours will vary slightly once the frame is hung, because of sunlight, shadows and interior lighting.

Most importantly, don't neglect the scale of the final framed poster or print. Nothing ruins the impact of having a beautifully framed poster jammed into a small space between, say, a window and a door jam, or by hanging a small piece on large wall- where it will 'disappear'. As an example, a large three sheet poster at almost three metres high, will work superbly against a large wall, such as in a broad stairwell, but against a standard height wall, the same framed poster will dwarf the rest of the furnishings and make the room seemed cramped. Scale is just as important as the preferred colour scheme!

We also think that if you're choosing posters or photographic prints from our archive that you should base your selection on something that you really, really dig. When it comes to vintage posters, ignore trends. We dont want our posters to end up behind the door in the spare bedroom, or worse still, racked up all sad and forlorn with the other framed posters of dolphins jumping out of the bow-wave of an oil-tanker that you see going cheap in an op-shop somewhere!

We're always happy to chat about the best ways to both display, and protect your posters. Simply go to our Contact page and you'll find our details.

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