The Third Blog. July. 2019.

The Third Blog.

July 2019.

It's time to talk about linen-backing, because I think there's still a little uncertainty in the market as to just what this process is. I think this is because the process of printing onto canvas is now so common, and a lot of people are confusing the two.

Printing onto canvas is a digital process, much the same as any photographic image is printed onto paper, or vinyl, or canvas. It's not an archival process in any way and does nothing to enhance nor protect an image.

            However, linen backing is an entirely different process, designed to conserve fragile and/or rare original art and prints. This is system was developed to protect rare manuscripts and maps; those stored in museums and the like.

The process involves soaking the item in a bath before removing it and laying it on the linen backing fabric which has been treated with an acid free adhesive. The poster is squeegeed to remove wrinkles, bubbles and excess adhesive. The poster and backing are smooth it is then hung to dry and any restoration is then commenced.

          This process does no harm to the original. The newly applied backing makes it easier to handle delicate and fragile paper items- such as vintage posters. They are less likely to tear and crease and are easier to roll up and store. And it makes the job of framing fragile posters a whole lot easier.

            Linen backing is an archival protection system for fragile paper items and is used in museums around the world...and obviously it is an expensive process, but we think it's worth every cent. We use the one acknowledged expert in this field in this country. We have chosen him to preserve what we think are some of the most appealing posters in our archive.

            (Don't be misled by our photos...they've come out sideways! Dammit! But they show our     precious and original movie posters to their best.)


If you're still not sure about this process, feel free to contact us for more details.

Cheers until next time,


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