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Well the big crush of summer is almost done. Most of my last few weeks and months has been taken up by finishing off my latest book. I've only to correct the final proofs and I'm all yes, this is why I haven't been working on this web page. But I've got time I've added quite a few new items to interest you- books and posters and some more of my brothers superb photos taken along the great Ocean Road. I've also cleaned up some of the dodgy tabs and info on some items, so the item's cost and availability should be clearer now. you might notice that some items are listed with 'more info to come...' We do have these items in stock but some of the images came from the scans for Surforama. They were the publication scans and thus are bright and colorful and in some cases overly so. We didn't want to use confusing we're working on getting more accurate ones onto the page. But those items are available and if you want to see more accurate scans and you cant wait, just email us. 

Also...we're about to list the following posters.....Tubular Swells-large, Ride the Wild Surf- U.S. insert. A Winter's Tale- large. Tales from the Tube- Griffin artwork. Fluid Drive-large. Saltwater Wine. A Winter's Tale- U.S. version. Freeform. Hendrix in 'Free.' The Ultimate Flex Machine- skate movie. Fluid Drive- large. Super Session. 'Oz'. On Any Morning. Standing Room Only. The Endless Summer II Soundtrack poster!!!! On the Beach- Stanley Kramer. Some wonderful limited edition prints by both Mr Frumpy- Bath Kitty, Sea Monkeys and Eric Burdon tour posters, plus Charlie Adam's wild beach! Stay tuned.


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